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JACOB'S MONSTERS-quickie by DeustisOfShadows JACOB'S MONSTERS-quickie by DeustisOfShadows
Inspired by :icongutter-child: Because she did this for Elanor--and because my wise master :iconpredatorspet: did this (inspired by G-C and El's monsters) I was finnally drivin to do this for Jacob.

So what do we got?

His duty. This one, side-by-side with Love are the dominant mindsets of Jacob's psyche. They work together to control his subconscious and keep him running properly. Responsibility dictates that there are things that need to be done--and with him in charge, they will inevitably be accomplished. Focused. Maintained. Balanced. in control.

His happiness. His reason. His purpose. Jacob is filled with Love. It's what keeps him going and the mother to responsibility. Love is his loyalty to his People, his friends and to Faith, Jacob's goddess. He needs very much.

The memories...the weight...the burden...the cloud always above him. The splinter poking at his mind. All because of a lifetime of uncertainty, regret and tragedy. Sadness will never fully leave him...and will haunt him forever.

BURDEN: Mostly this is just a collective tie between love, responsibility and sadness, mixing into Burden who relates most to Jacob's having to care for Himself, Logan, Faith and all his friends without anyone to really help care. Without much of a family.

HEROISM: His strength. His eternal courage. His altruism personified into his willingness to always defend--always protect--always fight for what matters most. Heroism is what allows Jacob to be the person he is. He will always have friends. He will always have people to cherish...and they will always have him. The world can try. The world can throw armies and monsters at him...he will always do as his courage dictates--and stop them every. single. time.
Fuck fear. There is NOTHING to fear.

MORALITY: Colorless and devoted. Morality has never--and never will fade away. it will never be forgotten. He is the piece of Jacob that. does not abide cruelty. He will never tolerate the acceptance of hurt. He is there. Always. Always watching through Jacobs eyes...he is not the piece that watches and keeps watching. If called, He changes the world. His voice will be heard. He will do what needs to be done--even if it means shooting you in the face.

....and finally....


The shadow of morality. The price of all his memories.. he is real. He needs all other to be awakened, and when his eyes come to open, he will crush what lies before him. WHATEVER lies before him. He is the behemoth. With him, nothing else exists. There is no world at all. no hope, in your eyes or his. There is nothing. Nothing at all...only your DEATH. Your slow, agonizing, horrible...BEFITTING death.
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Allantsuki Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
gutter-child Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2010
:U ...I want to draw Rage ripping someone in half now for some reason.

Heroism is so mush fun. lol I want to hug him. And of course Love too. Lots of love of Love.

Wrath is scary though, thank goodness I will never get that pointed at me.

Nicely done, you do that monsters justice! :thumbsup:
Gwendoleen-6 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2010
oh geez,
there are all so good C: i love little heroism
:la: and fff- i will stay awake from wrath *flees*

this makes me want to do these for Lucifer,
cept he has like no positives :|
DeustisOfShadows Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
I know, I'm glad he's there...and heroism would be appreciative, too. :iconblush--plz:

Although If he has absolutely NO positives...then I wouldn't really--well...


Oh what the hell, Do it.
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